Arniston | Waenhuiskrantz

This quaint seaside village has become such a popular summer holiday destination on the south coast, found east of the southern most point of Africa – L’Agulhas or Cape Agulhas as affectionately known by the locals.

The historical area Kassies baai with the whitewashed thatched roof homes where majority fisher folk live offers for a real cultural and heritage experience of what the area was like originally and be prepared to have seafood prepared the way they have done all the years.

You are sure to find many intriguing things and beautiful photo opportunities whilst taking a walk through the village and along the coast.

As it is usually packed during December we recommend you go during the less busier times if you really want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed time. The accommodation options range from the well appointed Arniston Hotel right on the beach front, to the Arniston Seaside Cottages giving a nice village feel, to holiday homes, guest houses and B&B’s.

For more information and assistance with your holiday in Arniston you can find all details here.


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