Country Getaway to Essere Lodge in Tulbagh

It was our first time to visit Tulbagh and I was always excited about the fact that it’s a town that was affected by an earthquake and is not too far from Cape Town.

When we were invited by Queen Bee Hospitality Marketing for a weekend getaway to Tulbagh and staying at Essere Lodge we were so excited as we enjoy being in the countryside and have never been to this area. We gladly accepted and looked forward to the experience.

On arrival we had coffee served on an outside terrace under trees overlooking the lodge grounds and pool area with some great mountainscapes. We were then called for a vintage themed High Tea when the rest of the guests arrived.

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We then spent the rest of the morning settling into our rooms and enjoying the scenery at the lodge.

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Part of the activities for the day included a cheese making experience by Belle Creme Artisan Cheeses. Annie had us captivated throughout the demonstration and it was really great to get to see, understand and appreciate the work that goes into making cheese by hand.

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We then got the cheese made during the demonstration along with some other tasty cheeses by Druk My Niet served for lunch.

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After lunch we had a chance to freshen up and then were taken for a drive through town and off to Twee Jonge Gezellen for a Krone MCC Tasting, the weather was perfect and the views and colors along with the bubbling group enjoying the bubbles was a great way to unwind for the afternoon.

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The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and lounging around at the pool area and then everyone freshened up for dinner and Edwill Meyer and I first decided to get some more pics of the views with the setting sun. The group then enjoyed some drinks and fresh almonds from tree on the grounds and then we all relaxed around the fire on the terrace.

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Chef Karin from Culinary Tactics made sure we were well fed with amazing canapes on the terrace around the fire and then served a scrumptious main & decadently delicious dessert in the dining room in a lovely relaxed setting. After which we retired to our tranquil rooms.

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The following morning we were served a scrumptiously good breakfast to get us going for the day in a now sunny and bright dining room and chatted about the great experience we have had and making plans for further exploring Tulbagh.

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We spent some more time checking out the rooms and spaces of the lodge before checking out and exploring the town of Tulbagh.

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Driving through the town the relaxed countryside feeling continued to embrace us. As we walked along and had a look in at a few of the spots that interested us, especially the chocolate tasting at Moniki Chocolatier and then had a lovely lunch at Things I Love before we drove around having a look at some of the wine farms before taking the just under two hours drive back home to Cape Town.

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We sure had a lovely time staying at Essere Lodge and were well taken care of and the food and entire experience was really hospitable. There are plans for improvements and development and we look forward to hear about them as soon as they are launched and will keep you updated.

Please do share with us your experience of Tulbagh if you have been and if not we hope our experience has encouraged you to book a getaway there.



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