Escape to Nature in Arniston | Waenhuiskrantz

Arniston | Waenhuiskrantz has become a special place for me over the past 6 years and it is always great to have a breakaway there.

On a recent visit we ended up walking what seemed like forever and what was initially only a walk to the cave then ended up being a walk to what could be the very end of the coastline, although it continued west, the final stop was the beacon and where there are still clearly visible remnants of the rock tidal pools built by the San, which they used to catch fish after the tides had gone out. 

[Sand dunes along the walk past Roman Beach]

This pile of rocks, seems to have been placed by visitors walking along creating a beacon; is home to these rock lizards and the males have these beautiful blue coloration.

Walking further this vast stretch of white sandy beach ends with rock pools and along the beach I found quite a bit of interesting things provided by nature.
This piece of what seems to be soft coral was lying there and everyone walked past it until I showed them the picture and they were all in awe.

The beach was also strewn with blue bubbles and although somewhat eerily beautiful

cof Nearing the rock pools this lone piece of red bait was just laying on the beach and looked quite fresh, luckily it didn’t smell too bad.

Checking through the rock pools I came across this feather, likely from the dead bird a few meters before reaching this point. Seems like it could have been an albatross but was quite decomposed already.

The illusion of high rocks is because I was taking the picture from right on the ground, these were not even half a meter high. So I can only imagine at times if smaller creatures might consider some things giant like.

After the rocks it was back onto sand and vegetation, I had to take a look back at the stretch we had just walked and explored and from this pic you can see it was quite a distance that we had covered.

As we neared the beacon we came across this baleen plate from a whale that had previously washed up on the beach a few years ago.

Exploring the sharp rock surfaces and pools looking at the various creatures, from star fish to small fish these tiny snails were quite intriguing to me.

A selfie / Ussie from where we were standing to show how far out the tide goes also shows the rock pools where the San would have gathered their catch from.

On the way back one last thing that caught my attention before I set in motion to just walk back quite a few kilometers were these berry like fruits growing low on the ground on these plants and I was wondering whether any Gummie Bears would come bouncing along, maybe it was all the fresh air and sun that I was in or maybe they are really out there. Who knows?

The walk back was “uneventful” but as I was not exploring and looking out for anything it went much quicker getting back but it was a good experience, although I doubt I will walk that section again.


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