Blue Gum Country Estate #InStanford

Our Tuesday past turned into the perfect #TravelTuesday road trip experience with a drive from Arniston as part of our a bit late short mid-year break. Driving through the countryside where the colors and views were just so mesmerizing and getting to stop along the way for some amazing pics was fun for me. Then ending it off with a stay over at Blue Gum Country Estate #InStanford. We will be doing a Cape Whale Coast trip in the next few months so watch out for this blog too.

Driving towards the estate we had to turn onto a gravel road which added to the whole country life appeal and along the way we got to see sheep, cows and horses too and it felt like we were home.

The open space and lush garden setting at Blue Gum Country Estate was just perfect and the type of setting we could stay in forever. Think we found the type of place and setting we would want to have ourselves one day.


We stayed in the Lion room and the fur throw on the bed actually felt like what I would say a lion mane feels like, maybe. The room was perfect for us and we ended up chatting about how this is what we need in our life, the setting and layout was great and the only thing we said we would have to add is a walk in closet, the open bath and the fact that they have their own water source was so amazing and we ended up having a lovely bath too. We also totally loved our own private veranda overlooking the little dam, part of the vineyard and the views across the way.

Food always plays an important part of travel for many, as you often get to have what you would not necessarily have at home. With the nearest eating places in the town centre of Stanford being about 15 minutes away it was nice to have a spacious and well appointed restaurant on the property as part of the estate facilities. The service was great and the tastes were definitely just what we needed. We had tea time scones and coffee in the afternoon with home made biscuits and perfectly made scones in the lounge area.

Dinner was a set menu and available as a two course or three course. Edwill had a two course and was delighted that he actually enjoyed the starter soup. He also said the oxtail was perfect and just the right amount of flavors. I had kingklip with a lovely lemon sauce and the dessert too which was the perfect ending to the day for me as I have a sweet tooth, though I have been cutting down on my sugar intake.

Breakfast was so filling and kept me sustained for most of the day. I enjoyed some muesli, fruit and yogurt from the buffet and then had a vegetarian omelette from the hot breakfast menu and Edwill had the English Breakfast but opted to not take the sausages.

A trip would not be complete for us without a fashion shoot and you will be able to view more with the regular #FashionFriday posts on Edwill‘s social media channels which you can find via @edwillmp on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Blue Gum Country Estate has everything you could ask for when you want that country life feeling in a quiet and tranquil mountainside estate, which is not too far from a town centre for access to convenience and other facilities. Also check their website for more info and any specials that they may be running.



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